Meet the Producer

Michael and Riley

Michael and Riley

I'm Michael Lockstampfor and I live in Ocala, FL with my incredible wife, Jessie and our five children. I serve as the Creative Media Pastor at Grace Church of Ocala and pay the bills by working as a private gardener.

My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Religion with a focus on Biblical Studies from Liberty University and a Master of Divinity with a specialization in Exegetical Studies from Grace Theological Seminary.

I have been leading worship since 2010, producing podcasts since 2015 and making it up as I go since before I can remember.



I wanted to make VITALS as a way to teach how the songs we sing shape us. It has had several iterations, but the proliferation of podcasting and my saturation in that world has brought me to this point. The person leading songs in your church on any given Sunday morning is teaching you in profound ways. VITALS is my attempt to flesh-out that idea.



These are some of the tools and services that make VITALS possible. Thank you for your incredible products!


Blue Microphones


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